for the stylish generation

so, you've found the art! now you can choose that perfect piece of art for your walls!

art doesnt have to match your curtains or couch cushions, choose what you fall in love with and get it on your wall.

Olive River is all anout whats new, on trend or creating a modern twist on a tradional classic design.

you can also speak direct to the artist to order a personal piece of custom created art. orders are being taken for you to grab that must have unique artwork for your collection.

meet the artist

thanks for taking the time to have a quick read up on myself as the artist Olive River. I have been a trading artist for the past 10 years and have created a range of designs and created artworks for many places, including homes, hotels, restaurants, pubs, cafes and shops.

with this new direction in art, I am looking at taking a step into the unique style of art. using bold colours, multiple mediums and strong female characters to create that ideal, stylish piece for your walls.

i also have my order books open for you to work along side me to create that custom, personal piece of art. whether you want a certain colour theme, particular size and delivered to your door anywhere in the world, i can definitely make that happen!

have a browse and follow me on all social media channels for up to date works in progress, videos and more!

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